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This 1-day course provides a comprehensive understanding of the various Macroeconomic concepts commonly deployed in the financial industry. Be it in the formulation of investment strategies or a broad appreciation of how the various segments of the financial industry are interlinked via the common thread of macro-economic environment, a good and broad understanding of macroeconomic concepts is essential for a financial professional to function well and advance in his/her career in the industry.

This course covers the basics of key macroeconomic concepts but also go beyond that and address the practical usage of that knowledge; without going to the extent of being too technical and arcane.

Target Audience

  • Covered persons working in private banks
  • Wealth advisers
  • Financial professionals in the banking and financial services industry

Course Outline

Why Economic Growth Matters?

  • Trend vs. cycle
  • Measures of growth
  • 4 ways to analyse GDP
  • Growth fundamentals and the investors

Business Cycle Fundamentals

  • Investment and the cycle
  • The inventory cycle
  • The role of leading indicators
  • Where does the recovery come from?
  • Business cycle and asset class performance
  • Is there a world business cycle?

Asset Prices and the Economy

  • How asset prices affect the economy
  • Asset prices and economy policy

Economic Indicators

  • Key in interpretations
  • Most influential U.S. economic indicators
    • Employment
    • Consumer spending and confidence
    • National output and inventories
    • Housing and construction
    • Prices, productivity and wages
  • International economic indicators
    • German figures
    • Japan figures
    • Chinese figures

Other Topics Worth Exploring

  • Is Inflation Dead?
  • Inflation targeting
  • The threat of deflation
  • What are central banks trying to do?
  • Assessing the policy stance and the Taylor Rule
  • Why fiscal policy does not always work
  • Fiscal policy and debt