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This 8-hour course aims to equip private bankers with the practical knowledge of some complex investment products and strategies.

Target Audience

  • Relationship managers and senior relationship managers in private banks
  • Covered persons under Private Banking Code of Conduct

Course Objectives

  • Acquire a clear understanding of higher complexity investment products and strategies
  • Have an in-depth and practical knowledge on the characteristics, benefits and risks, limitations, obligations, and conditions of such products and strategies
  • Understand the different risks that apply to such products and strategies
  • Know the impact of macroeconomic and market changes on the marked-to-market valuation of such products and strategies

Course Outline


  • Volatility
    • Historical volatility
    • Implied Volatility
    • Implied Volatility Skew and Term Structure
    • Volatility Cone
    • Price Spikes
  • Option Greeks
    • Delta
    • Gamma
    • Vega
    • Theta
    • Rho
    • Managing Greeks
  • Trading Options
    • Buying vs. Selling Options
  • Risks of Options

Convertible Bonds

  • What are Convertible Bonds?
    • Issuance of Convertible Bonds
    • Features of Convertible Bonds
    • Price Behaviour of Convertible Bonds
    • Some Variations
  • Traditional and Credit Analysis
    • Traditional Analysis
    • Credit Analysis
  • Risks of Convertible Bonds

Hedge Funds

  • Global Macro
    • Discretionary Macro Trades
    • Systematic Macro Trades
  • Managed Futures
    • Expectation Equation
    • Trend-Following Strategy
  • Equity Market Neutral
    • Initial Screening
    • Stock Selection
    • Portfolio Construction
  • Fixed Income Arbitrage
    • What is Fixed Income Arbitrage?
    • Swap Spread Arbitrage
    • Yield Curve Arbitrage
    • Mortgage Arbitrage
  • Risks of Investing in Hedge Funds

Impact of Macroeconomic/Market Changes on Marked-to-Market Valuations

  • Macroeconomic/Market Changes
  • Impacts on Marked-to-Market Valuations
  • Options
  • Convertible Bonds
  • Hedge Funds

Assessment - MCQ

About IBF Certification

This course addresses the following Technical Skills and Competencies (TSCs) and Proficiency Level (PL):

  • Industry Products: Private Banking and Wealth Management (Level 3)

Participants are encouraged to access the IBF MySkills Portfolio to track their training progress and skills acquisition against the Skills Framework for Financial Services. You can apply for IBF Certification after fulfilling the required number of Technical Skills and Competencies (TSCs) for the selected job role.

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