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This course explains how to analyse and develop effective investment ideas by taking a macro view of the factors shaping economies, industries, and markets.

Emphasizing the importance of macroeconomics and market cycles, understanding macro risks and the associated opportunities is key to analysing today’s global financial markets economy where macro risk-on, risk-off (RORO) regimes dominant over the micro-valuation.

Target Audience

  • Wealth advisers
  • Investment professionals in the banking and financial services industry
  • Covered persons working in private banks

Course Outline

  • What is Macro Approach?
  • Mindset of the Macro Approach
  • Thematic Investing
  • Role of Monetary Policy in Macro Approach
  • Growth Cycle, Asset and Sector Rotation
  • Carry Trades and their Influences on Asset Classes
  • Rule-Based Investing
  • Geopolitics as Macro Risks
  • Climate Risks and Opportunities