Private Equity Boot Camp

Your passport to a career in Private Equity starts here.


Salmon Thrust Private Equity Boot Camp teaches real-world applications of corporate valuation/financial modelling to undergraduate/graduate students and young financial professionals.

The content is derived from the training programs Salmon Thrust delivers to the investment professionals from the top financial institutions, and are retooled to equip the boot camp participants with the skills to excel in their internships, and to be ”desk-ready” from the very first day in their full-time roles working in private equity firms or other investment institutions.

While our boot camp focuses on the everyday valuation and financial modelling skills that experienced professionals use at work, it assumes little to no prior knowledge, allowing both finance and non-finance majors to benefit from every aspect of the course.

Although the boot camp is designed for those who aspire to work in the private equity industry, the knowledge learned and skills acquired will equally benefit those who intend to work in the following institutions:

  • Investment banks
  • Asset management houses
  • Hedge funds

This program is designed for:

  • Undergrads
  • Recent grads
  • Young professionals with less than 5 years working experience

Participants are required to have working knowledge of Microsft Excel.

The participants will be given a substantial amount of pre-course readings, and are expected to complete them before the grueling weekly classes start.

The pre-course readings include the following:

  1. Private Equity Foundation
  2. Basic Financial Accounting
  3. Time Value of Money
  4. Foundational Economics

DAY 1 – 2 DEC (SAT)

  • Review of e-learning content
  • Understanding corporate business models
  • Financial modelling core skills
  • Forecasting techniques

DAY 2 – 3 DEC (SUN)

  • Company selection for capstone project (CP)
  • Model construction part #1
  • Valuation methodologies and selection criteria
  • Building flexibility into financial models
  • Stress-testing the models

DAY 3 – 9 DEC (SAT)

  • Model construction part #2
  • Model criticism and improvements
  • Investment report and summary-writing

*Submission of Capstone project on 13 Dec 2017

DAY 4 – 16 DEC (SAT)

  • Model presentation and grading
  • Final presentation

S$3,500 per participant

12-month interest-free instalments are available. Please call or email Florence at (65) 6521 2907 / 9832 1956 or email


Enjoy 20% discount* when you register with at least 2 other friends. (Everyone pays S$2,800 per person. Group early sign-up also applies: S$2,520 per person)

*Instalment plans are not available for group discounts.

Registration for the December intake closes on 31 October 2017.


lee-yue-jerLEE YUE JER

CFA, B.Soc.Sci. (1st Hons), B.B.A. (1st Hons) NUS

Yue Jer is an award-winning analyst, and the founder of the training company Your Magnum Opus. In 2015 at the AsiaMoney awards, he was voted by clients as the #1 analyst in Singapore in the Energy sector, #4 in Industrials, and #8 in Small Caps. In 2014, he won the #1 analyst award in Singapore for both the Energy and Conglomerate sectors. In that same year, at the Starmine Awards, he was rated the #2 Top Stock Picker: Industrials and Overall #4 Top Stock Picker in Singapore.

Yue Jer is deeply passionate about both investing and improving the lives of young people. He has combined these two passions in becoming a financial- and career-competencies trainer, setting up his own company – Your Magnum Opus, now delivering courses and workshops to Universities.

Yue Jer is also an Associate Faculty at SUSS (formerly uniSIM) with the Finance Programme at the School of Business. He also regularly engages the other Universities at career events, seminars, and as a guest speaker.

Beginning his career at AmFraser Securities, Yue Jer pioneered the company’s coverage of the oil & gas sector. He later moved to DMG Securities (which then become RHB Securities), where he contributed to the team taking the AsiaMoney #1 Small Caps title for multiple consecutive years, and eventually headed the Singapore Oil & Gas team. Over his career, Yue Jer has worked on multiple corporate finance deals with a total value of over USD500m.

Apart from his professional life, Yue Jer is also active in mentoring young adults. He enjoys a strong relationship with mentees from Yale-NUS, SUTD, and NUS Business School.

Yue Jer holds Double 1st Class Degrees in Economics and Finance from NUS, completed in a record 3.5 years. He is also a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) charter holder.

1. What are the benefits of attending this boot camp?

Attending this boot camp will help you win at internships, increases your chance of leading to a permanent job offering in the investment space. Most importantly, the skills learned here will make you “desk-ready”, cementing your foundation to stand out in your career.

2. Where can I apply the skills learned from this program?

Students can apply the skills learned from this program on valuing private and even listed companies. In addition, the skills learned can also be used effectively to break into the following financial careers:

  • Investment banking
  • Hedge funds
  • Equity research (buy-side and sell-side)
  • Asset management
  • Corporate finance and strategy
  • Private wealth management

In summary, many high-paying finance jobs will require mastering the skills learned from this boot camp. Valuation and financial modelling are an integral part of the day-to-day responsibilities of many finance professionals.

3. Would this boot camp add value to my current profession?

This boot camp serves as a complementary course that aims to provide you with real-life skills on private equity. You will learn tangible skills on excel, accounting, valuations, forecasting, and much more from this boot camp.

4. Can professionals from other domains enroll for this boot camp?

Yes, definitely! If you’re eager to learn, you can take this program and learn a great deal about private equity.

It will be a great boost to your financial arsenal even if you just pick up the financial modelling skills from this program.

5. Is there any difference between investment banking training and private equity training?

Both private equity fund managers and investment bankers do the same kind of financial research. While investment bankers pitch the potential mergers and acquisitions to external clients, private equity fund managers make decisions to investment in the companies. Thus, the kind of work done in a career in investment banking and in private equity is, essentially, the same. Skills in financial modelling is ultimately at the centre of both the private equity career and the investment banking job.

6. Is this course difficult?

This program is designed to drill you with the core skills of financial modelling, among others. It is not a cake-walk per se. However, the boot camp is tailored for personalized instruction, as each student shadows the trainer teaching the class and builds the financial models along with him. So there is nothing to worry. Moreover, nothing is too difficult if you have the interest, especially in the equity market or more precisely, if you are interested in the private equity space.

7. What are the payment options?

You can pay by credit card, debit card or internet banking from all the leading banks. You can also pay thru PayPal if you have an account or you can send us a cheque.

For further enquiries, please contact:

Ms Florence Chan

Tel: (65) 9832 1956