Fit and Proper Requirements for Appointed SFA/FAA Representatives

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As different appointments and designations entail different responsibilities, the Fit and Proper Guidelines would be applied in a manner and to the extent that is suitable to the relevant circumstances. The onus is on each appointed SFA/FAA representative to establish that it or he/she is a fit and proper person rather than for MAS to show otherwise.

Learning Outcomes


  • The key fit and proper requirements
  • The due diligence needed prior to appointment
  • The conflicts assessment needed prior to appointment
  • The on-going measures to be taken

Module 1: Why Need Fit and Proper Requirements?

  • Regulator’s Concern and Approach

Module 2: Understanding Fit and Proper Requirements

  • Regulator’s Expectations
  • Who is Covered?
  • Key Criteria

Module 3: Due Diligence Needed Prior to Appointment

  • Responsibility of Financial Institutions
  • Self-Declaration
  • Probity Checks

Module 4: Competence, Capability, and Conflicts of Interest Assessment

  • Competence and Capability
  • Conflicts of Interest

Module 5: On-Going Measures to Be Taken

  • Periodic Self-Declaration
  • Regular Checks


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Fit and Proper Requirements for Appointed SFA/FAA Representatives


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