Analysing Bitcoins and Other Cryptocurrencies

About This Course

Bitcoin was the first cryptocurrency, but today there are over 1,500 and counting, including ether, ripple, litecoin, monero, and more. Before simply brushing them off as just another fad or bubble, one should start with an open mind and try to look deeper into understanding their “fundamentals.”

This course offers a framework for doing so.

Learning Outcomes

  • Different types of blockchain
  • Different types of cryptocurrencies
  • Fundamental analysis of crptocurrencies
  • Valuing bitcoins
  • Investing in bitcoins
  • ICOs

Module 1: Background

  • Bitcoin Blockchain
  • Private vs. Public Blockchains
  • The Digital Siblings

Module 2: Fundamental Analysis of Cryptocurrencies

  • Reasons for Existence
  • Issuance Model
  • Miners
  • Developers

Module 3: Valuation Framework for Cryptocurrencies

  • Utility and Speculative Value
  • Putting a Value on Utility
  • Velocity of "Money"
  • Present Value Discounting

Module 4: Other Ways to Value Cryptocurrencies

  • As a Technology/Network
  • Using Hash Rate

Module 5: Investment Vehicles for Cryptocurrencies

  • Cryptocurrency Wallets
  • Cryptocurrency Exchanges
  • Futures Contracts
  • Exchange-Traded Notes (ETNs)
  • Contracts-for-Difference (CFDs)
  • Margin Trading
  • Bitcoin (Blockchain) Stocks

Module 6: Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

  • What is an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)?
  • How is Money Raised?
  • Where are the New Tokens Stored?
  • Comparing ICOs and IPOs
  • Steps to an ICO
  • Investor Checklist
  • Buyer Beware

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Analysing Bitcoins and Other Cryptocurrencies


Course Features
  • CPD
    2 Hours
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