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About This Course

Private Trust is a form of succession tool for personal wealth succession/legacy planning. It is a century-old wealth planning tool with case-laws on how they work with legislative guidance. Private Trust enables beneficiaries to be financially taken care of in the event of unforeseen circumstances. It allows clients to specify the quantum, percentage and time-frame for asset distribution to beneficiaries.

Who Should Attend

  • Private Bankers, Priority Bankers, Treasury or Investment-related Professionals
  • CACS Covered Persons

Learning Outcomes

  • Learn the concept and framework of trusts
  • Understand the different types of purposes and the relevant trust platforms
  • Gain an overall awareness of the trusts in the context of wealth solutions to private banking clients


  • Development of Singapore’s Private Banking and Trust Industry (from the 2003 Economic Review Committee)

Legislative changes to the Singapore Trust Companies Act 1961

  • Abolishment of the Singapore Estate Duty in 15 Feb 2008

Trust for succession planning

  • What is Revocable Trust?
  • What is Irrevocable Trust?
    • What does Discretionary Trust means?
    • Types of Discretionary Trust
      • Settlor Reserved Power Trust
      • BVI Vista Trust
      • Cayman Star Trust
      • Purpose Trust
  • What is Fixed Interest Trust?

Who are involved in a Trust structure? What are their role and responsibilities?

  • Settlor
  • Protector
  • Beneficiaries
  • Excluded Beneficiaries

What is a Letter of Wishes?

What are some of the popular Trust Jurisdictions?

  • Singapore
  • Jersey
  • BVI
  • Hong Kong
  • New Zealand
  • Cayman

Why would clients consider setting up a Private Trust?

  • Asset Protection
  • Family planning
  • Making plans for the “what-ifs”
  • Unique circumstances

When is a good time to set-up a Private Trust?

  • Family circumstances
  • Business situations

Case studies of some known Trust cases featured in the Press

Judy Ang

TEP, B Soc Sci (Hon), B.A. (Merit) NUS

Judy is a qualified Trust & Estate Practitioner with more than 10 years of Trust and Fiduciary experience having worked with Independent Trust Company, Fiduciary Company and bank-backed Trustees. She has assisted many Asian families to set-up Trusts and other structures for wealth creation and wealth preservation.

Judy runs her own advisory firm to provide multi-family office support and services for high net worth clients in Asia. Judy is currently also a Trust Consultant with Dacheng Wong Alliance (DCWA), a Joint-Venture law firm between Dacheng, the largest law firm in China and Wong Alliance-a Singapore-based law firm. On 28 Jan 2015, it has merged with US-Law Firm: Dentons to become the world largest law firm with more than 6,500 lawyers.

Prior to running her own advisory firm, Judy was the Head of International Trust for CTBC Private Bank, Singapore. Her previous roles in the industry includes Associate Director, Wealth Planning at LGT Bank (Singapore) Ltd, Assistant Director at EFG Trust Company (Singapore) now known as EFG Wealth Solutions, Resident Manager for EFG Trust Company at the inception of the Trust Company. She started her career with Heritage Fiduciary Services Pte Ltd and the world’s largest independent trust company-Equity Trust respectively.

Judy is fluent in written and spoken English and Mandarin.

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Decipher Trusts


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    1 Day
  • CPD
    7 Hours
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